Its actually a song.Come on people.Dont cha know?Its the number one celebrity in the world?I think.Well the song is very obsessed to hear.Dont get it the wrong way.I have a friend well used to be but now she is so out of her league.She doesnt know what she does.She also thinks everybody LOVES HER!!!as the matter infact everybody HATES HER!!!!So i think this song is dedicated to her!I mean is what she wants people to see right.Its what she's been trying to say all this long.Well if u reading this GOOD LUCK IN YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!



As usual friday is the last day of the week.So,people have to enjoy and have fun.Like today.It was fun and amazing.My school has a celebration.My friends and I was bored at first but we got the hang of it.At the end of it,we ate some cookies but my other friend won't eat it.So,i took a cookie from my friend and stuff the cookies infront of my teeth.So,that it will look cool.Then i was laughing and suddenly the cookie went out of my mouth.It was so gross.Luckily nobody saw it.Then we were laughing and pushing.


school and upsr!

here's the deal UPSR is so depressed.this is so friends and i are studying very hard.our goal is to get 5a's.once upon a time there's this kid who just want to make her parents proud of now she's working as hard as she can to pay back what the parents have given to her.she thinks that this is her last she cant let this chance slip out.she needs to get 5a's because this is the last badge of UPSR!!!and it will be the final one.wish her luck.

a world with butterflies

hye human in the earth.hope you like it.